Fuck The Bullshit

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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

In this sense I’m trying to amp my financial gain and all I’m getting is a wall! A never ending wall to climb. -_- I pay my fucking bills ON TIME! I have never ran away from my financial responsibilities, yet I CAN’T get a damn loan!! WTF!! How the hell does this world expect me to compete when they require something I don’t have at 19 yrs old. FML. If I had a job do you think I’d be applying for a loan.

I’m so fed up with the job market that’s why I’m investing in myself and my education!! This loan isn’t just to have a loan!! I’m trying to build my empire. I just want to get a few grand to fund my start-up! I have a plan to repay the loan on time!! Like damn!

Where can a sista get someone to trust her enough to loan a few thousand dollars?