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Where are all of the fitness/health blogs that also have pics of fit black women??

I’m really tired of just seeing pictures of fit white girls. -_- Like that’s kool, but I want to reblog photos of fit women who look like me!!! Sorry, but white girls don’t have hips and thighs composed like my body. It’s like the only place I can find pictures of fit black women are on these tumblrs of strippers and video vixens which is kool too, but I’d rather not see some of those gifs. lol I can’t reblog that ish ahaha

Well if I can’t find any more than I guess I’ll make the most of the ethnic diversity can get. I’d like to just reblog without pay attention to the race, but like I’ve been working on my fitness postings and I’ve probably only seen 2 blogs with black women in the pictures and that’s probably the blogger herself.

I have a different goal when I’m trying to get fit. I want my curves. I don’t want to see my pelvic bones like these crazy blogs idolizing skinny chicks who bones are poking out of their skin. Ewwwwww. I have an ass that wont go away even if I wanted it to. My shape will never be a ruler. I’m an hourglass and it’s not going anywhere. The food I eat is different because of culture. I’m not a huge soul food eater, but y’know I do get down on some greens and bbq in mi casa. The health concerns of my ethnicity are fucking statistics! When I work out and my hair is straightened I have different ways to prepare for a workout. I’m just saying there are a variety of concerns not being covered as far as I can see on tumblr. It’s frustrating. Don’t get me wrong I love the fitblr community so far, but where my sistas @? Is Black Girls Run on tumblr?

Maybe I should grind and continue to portray all of this. I was just wondering if there was already an existing community?

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    I’ve noticed this too & I’m co-signing to the sentiment about fit black women being under-represented on fitspos etc....
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    Had a problem with this last time I had my fitspo blog and I’m still finding this problem now. It’s really frustrating....
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