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I hate resting my head with an unsettled mind. I think too much for my own good.

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Holding your baby


By now if you’ve read any of my posts on nursing, you know that skin to skin contact is really helpful to encourage your baby to nurse and makes feeding your baby so much easier.

That’s not the only benefit to skin-to-skin contact and close contact with your newborn. Kangaroo Care is the phrase…


Asiey is a 22 year old freelance illustrator that has exceptional work that is widely known here on tumblr. 

I stumbled on Asiey’s work in the sailor moon tag. I love how diverse and colorful she made the cast of sailor moon. She has a good sense of use of color but it isn’t overpowering Please go to her blog to see more of her work and see to why she’s our spotlight saturday of the week!

*If you can guess which movie the first picture is referenced to you can suggest the next spotlight!




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